New Wind International

Apostolic Council

We believe and stand on the truth that God is our one and only covering, not man. We also believe that He connects you with men and women in the Kingdom who walk in prophetic wisdom and insight. In saying that, Shanika and I would to introduce these wonderful individuals that we are in relationship with.

CJ and Lanita Founders of Living Word and Apostolic Leaders, have been radically contaminated by the love and power of God! They are establishing the Kingdom of God through equipping and evangelizing with the demonstration of His power and love. They believe there is only one way through the gate into the supernatural realm of a personal relationship with God, and that is through the blood of Jesus. Jesus reconciled us back into the divine favor of God through a personal relationship with Him.









The Upper Room is a place where Yeshua spent time while He was in Jerusalem. He acquired The Upper Room for His last supper and offered the gift of the first communion. The people of that day, including Yeshua and His disciples spent the night at the Upper Room. The Upper Room became the waiting room for the outpouring of Holy Ghost and the birthing  of the Ekklesia, the called out ones, the church. The Upper Room served the needs of the body of Yeshua as He walked on earth. Elijah lived in an upper room of the widow’s house and it is where multiplication of provisions and resurrection life took place for the widow and the widow’s son. 

At The Upper Room on Zion Ridge, there is similar anointing and manifestations as spoken of in Yeshua’s day. It is a place of gathering and fellowship, of hospitality and dining, community and family, of teaching , training, and equiping.  A place where the Spirit of Yahweh rests and there is freedom. Of intercession, waiting, and listening for the voice of the Sheppard. A place where the prophetic river flows and is ever increasing.   ALL, through the Blood and Light of Yeshua.

Come, let us seek the heart of the Father together. Come, let us rest in the Peace, Joy, and Righteousness of Holy Spirit. Come, let us adore HIM in praise and worship. What is your need of the Father? Healing, deliverance, are you hunger, thirst, dry, or empty? Do you need Resurrection life? Are you in need of the Love of Yahweh? Whatever you need, He is. Are you carrying the seed of the word, deposited by Holy Spirit and in need of a spiritual midwife? A delivery room? We would love to be instruments of Peace, of Love, of Joy, of Light through the Blood of Yeshua. Those who come leave filled with the love of Yeshua and their bellies filled with the harvest of the season.      










New wines companion ministries is here to help bring people to a new level in their relationship with Christ. I have had experiences in my life and God has anointed me to help others be set free. I help guide others to the heart of the father as he restores them to their rightful inheritance.


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