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The God Way

I was attempting to fix my hair last night and it simply was not working. As I stood in the mirror slightly frustrated the Lord said, “stop trying to fix it and take it down to the foundation.” So I removed the pins and proceeded to take my hair down to the ponytail. But then I thought this might take a while. I placed a scarf on my head and went to bed. This morning I got up earlier than I normally do, so that I could complete my hairdo. I removed the scarf and the foundation was firm, proceeded to complete in less than 10 minutes. WOW! I spent more time than that trying to fix it. Summation: Stop trying to figure things out and go back to the instructions God gave you…build on a solid foundation. STL I hope you are ready….foundations are shaking and cracks are showing…time to tear down and rebuild…THE GOD WAY!

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